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If you are sick and tired of imperialist war of aggression in the name of Democracy, and if you are fed up with the warlords and Islamic Jihadis, Afghanistanrym is your website. This website promotes anti-imperialist progressive news and views. It supports positions and ideas that endorse New Democracy. New Democracy is not hypocrisy like the US-Western democracy that preaches freedom in words but practices militarism and fascism in action. New Democracy is not Islamic fundamentalism either. Islamic fundamentalism fights for establishing Islamic government based on Islamic Sharia where the landlords and warlords practice theocracy, religious fascism. The Islamic fundamentalist forces and regimes oppress poor people, progressive people, women, youth, and society in general.

New Democracy is for a non-religious, secular, government. New Democracy fights for a society where no imperialists and their hand-picked puppet regimes can rule. In New Democracy, religion and spirituality is a private matter of citizens - not a mean for grabbing political power. New Democracy promotes grass root peoples’ democracy that goes against both imperialism and feudalism. And to this end, Afghanistanrym website invites all genuine democratic forces, especially the youth, to join the struggle for a peaceful and prosperous New Democratic Afghanistan.

Please write your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Send us your articles and information. Use our articles and information in any way that is useful for promoting democracy. Please credit Afghanistan Revolutionary Youth Movement properly when using articles and information from this website.






The following is excerpts of a recent speech by a member of Afghanistan's Revolutionary Movement of Youth (ARMY) . The speech was delivered in a protest gathering against the U.S.-NATO occupation of Afghanistan.H.speak



March To Freedom